Sally Nugent

Sally Nugent

Sally NugentProfessional Qualifications

B.E. (Materials), Monash, 1976

Professional Experience


Australasian Corrosion Centre May 1089.

As General Manager, responsible for all aspects of the Australasian Corrosion Centre's activities. These activities include training and education, research management and consulting. Consulting experience during this time includes expert reporting on anodised aluminium and performance of aluminum roofing.

Solomon Corrosion Consulting Services Nov 88 - May 89

As Business Development Manager, was responsible for determining marketing strategies for the company's products and services. Work also involved providing corrosion expertise.

Comalco Research Centre

1987 -1988: As manger, surface finishing and extruded products responsible for all aspects of the team's research work for local and overseas company's operations. Project emphases were: easier operations, improved product quality, reduced costs and new products and processes development. Related achievements included:

  • Developed a new project for the U.S. coatings group. The project provided coated product quality assessment, coatings selection criteria and technical support,
  • Established extrusion criteria for new alloy.
  • Awarded best Billet Process Paper in the 4th International Aluminum Extrusion Technology Seminar, Chicago, 1988
  • Developed and directed "Surfaces" sessions in the New Materials and Technology Conference, Melbourne, Nov 1987. Noted international speakers were featured at this conference.
  • Presented aluminium surface finishing paper at the Australian Surface Finishing Conference, Adelaide, Oct 87.
  • Directed and organised technical programme for the international conference Pacific Corrosion 87, Held in Melbourne.

1986-1987: As Principal technologist was responsible for providing world class technical expertise and establishing new business opportunities in corrosion, coating and latterly extrusion technology to the company's divisions. Related achievements included:

  • Developed new architectural finish with improved field performance at lower cost than comparable finishes.
  • Planned, organised and implemented a company extrusion users seminar on structural alloys to determine new alloy directions. A market and research programme was developed consequent to this seminar.
  • Determined current trends in surface finishing research and recommended products and processes for the company to explore.
  • Instigated improved heat treatment practices for extrusion dies to reduce premature die failure.
  • Designed and installed new anodising pilot plant facility.
  • Represented the aluminium industry on two SAA panels.
  • Helped with the development of safety and equipment manuals.
  • Lectured to RMIT students on Metal Finishing.

1984-1986: As Section Head was responsible for the quality and output of the team's project work for various divisions of the company and accountable for strategic planning of projects, developing new project concepts and developing team expertise. Related achievements include:

  • Provided technical information as a basis for the company's selection of a new architectural finish.
  • Established quality of new architectural finish and determined performance levels for product guarantee.
  • Established highly reputable team in corrosion, and commenced establishment of surface finishing team.
  • Conceived of and implemented an Aluminium Building Products symposium, to improve the awareness of aluminium for the building industry.
  • Lectured RMIT students on corrosion.

Mar 1977 - 1984: Various positions with the Comalco Research Centre, which included and initial involvement in establishing a corrosion research facility for the company's operations. This facility expanded into surface finishing technology.

Professional Membership

Australasian Corrosion Association (Victorian Branch President, 1986-8)
Grad, I.E. (Australia)
Plastics and Rubber Institute


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