IT Solutions
  • Are you not sure what IT can contribute to your business?
  • Do want to get more value from your IT assets(even there are only few old computers)?
  • Are your computers becoming "slow enough" to bring your business down and you have no idea about what to update and how to migrate the stuff in the old ones?
  • Have your business processes changed, but your software cannot meet the new requirement?
  • New business or new IT projects are about to launch, but not sure about what hardware or software to choose?
  • Does your firm plan to move to new venue and need a better network design?(routers/servers/printers etc.)
  • Does your business need a new Web 2.0 website or your website rank thousands in google search result?
  • Does your company need a IT staff or not?
  • Don't know how to promote your business on the Internet?
  • Not sure how your business could benefit from clound technologies?

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