Lessons Earned has been created by Sally Nugent to ‘pay it forward’. As Sally says “My passion throughout my career has been to make a difference, and I learned so much from others that I wanted to share some of my learnings forward. Each of us is unique, and what I write and say may help you. I hope you enjoy the Lessons Earned series and find the perspectives thought-provoking.”
Living Asset Management Maturity book has been published! Written to enhance and sustain the value that asset management provides, its authors are John Hardwick, Martin Kerr, Michael Killeen, Peter Kohler, João Lafraia and Sally Nugent.
For each of our Learnings, we have a series of webinar presented by the expertise and professionals on each field every month. Each webinar lasts approximately between 45 minutes -1 hour followed with 15 minutes interactive Q&A session. For every purchase of each webinar, an online article and a replay link webinar is available.
Sally Nugent was the key driving force behind the initiative to establish the World Partners in Asset Management (WPiAM) in 2015 and instrumental in establishing the business.
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