Who We Are

Salyent Pty Ltd is a boutique organisation with a passion to make a difference by supporting a likeminded growing organisations. It was founded by Sally Nugent in 2004 with commitment in providing quality and integrity services specifically to growing small business and non-profit organisations (NFP), to bring value in achieving their overall mission, strategy and objectives.

Sally Nugent has career spanning over four decades in aluminium corrosion, asset management, team building, financial management, stakeholder management, strategic planning and risk management. With these rich experiences and the current changing in society, Sally would like to bring Salyent Pty Ltd services to focus on delivering learning and insights through webinars, blogs, forums and publications.

Our Core Values

Make a Difference. We support our client to thrive.
Courage. We act with courage and willing to take risks.
Passion. We are passionate to be genuine and committed in heart and mind.
Culture. We promise to create a culture of inclusiveness, respect and diversity
Humbleness and Willpower. We are reminded to approach each day with humility, integrity, determination and without forgetting to have a sense of fun.
Accountability. Do what we say and say what we do
Pay it forward. We lead with the heart and mind and pay it forward

What We Do

Throughout its experience in servicing non profit associations in Asset Management field, Salyent Pty Ltd is committed to deliver good value and quality learning and insights program through webinar, blog, forums and publications focusing on the following areas

Lessons Earned is created to share stories of success and failures, and what we do mean by making a difference. It is created to help us renew, re-cycle and re-emerge experiences in our lives. The stories will be shared through a series of webinars presented by professionals with at least 30 years experiences; online article and blog as well as through LinkedIn group discussion.
Asset Management Maturity (AM Maturity) is described as the “ability of an organisation to adapt, in response to changing customer and societal needs – all the while continuing to meet the changing needs of its stakeholders. The topic in this area will be shared through a webinar series and online publishing of Living in Asset Management Maturity, whose authors are all Asset Management practitioners.
Strategic Leadership is the ability of any leaders to develop strategic vision of an organisation and motivate others to voluntarily make decisions that enhance the achievement of the vision. This is an essential skills in any Asset Management organisation. There will be webinar series and online publishing in this topic area presented by our Asset Management expertise.
Combining its core expertise in Asset Management and its core value and passion to make a difference, Salyent Pty Ltd is offering facilitation services to likeminded growing organisation who needs help and assistance in achieving their overall mission, strategy and objective. Find out more on how we can help you and your organisation to thrive.


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