AM Maturity

Asset Management Maturity is described as the “ability of an organisation to adapt, in response to changing customer and societal needs – all the while continuing to meet the changing needs of its stakeholders!”

The topic in this area will be shared through a webinar series and online publishing of Living in Asset Management Maturity, which provides further insight into improving the value that the discipline of asset management can provide.

The authors of Living in Asset Management Maturity are all Asset Management practitioners. In this publication, they have documented further supporting concepts and included several novel but tried & tested, practical approaches for implementing Asset Management Maturity.

Living Asset Management Maturity Publication has been published!

Written to enhance and sustain the value that asset management provides, its authors are John Hardwick, Martin Kerr, Michael Killeen, Peter Kohler, João Lafraia and Sally Nugent.

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Since 2015, the Living Asset Management Think Tank have discussed and debated Asset Management Maturity. Between them, the authors have more than 200 years’ experience in Asset Management and in business management across a range of industries including manufacturing, energy, transport and mining. The strong practical basis of this book reflects the business and organisational experiences of the authors and case studies from around the world are used to illustrate the concepts within.

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