AM Maturity

Asset Management Maturity is described as the “ability of an organisation to adapt, in response to changing customer and societal needs – all the while continuing to meet the changing needs of its stakeholders!”

The topic in this area will be shared through a webinar series and online publishing of Living in Asset Management Maturity, which provides further insight into improving the value that the discipline of asset management can provide.

The authors of Living in Asset Management Maturity are all Asset Management practitioners. In this publication, they have documented further supporting concepts and included several novel but tried & tested, practical approaches for implementing Asset Management Maturity.

Asset Management Reflection Webinar Series 

Date : Wednesday, 12th August 2020 at 12 pm Australia Daylight Saving Time 



Asset Management Maturity increases and sustains value from your assets. Achieving Maturity requires the application and interaction of five fundamentals to enhance and sustain value

In this fourth webinar of the series on Adaptability and Leadership in Asset Management, we review the five fundamentals presented in Living Asset Management Maturity, where they came from, and how they interact. We will also outline key attributes derived from each fundamental, and how they contribute to creation of value.

Recommended Preparation Material

Webinar 1: Adaptability

Living Asset Management Maturity, Tables 4.4-4.8

Who Should Attend

Asset Management Leaders and Practitioners

Post Webinar Discussion Session

Post webinar discussion sessions are held for participating registrants; registration details are emailed at the conclusion of the live webinar.

For this webinar, the discussion session is being held at 8pm AEST, on Wednesday August 12th. We will be joined by John Woodhouse from the UK for this session. 

Presenter and Panellist Profiles


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