AM Maturity

Asset Management Maturity is described as the “ability of an organisation to adapt, in response to changing customer and societal needs – all the while continuing to meet the changing needs of its stakeholders!”

The topic in this area will be shared through a webinar series and online publishing of Living in Asset Management Maturity, which provides further insight into improving the value that the discipline of asset management can provide.

The authors of Living in Asset Management Maturity are all Asset Management practitioners. In this publication, they have documented further supporting concepts and included several novel but tried & tested, practical approaches for implementing Asset Management Maturity.

Asset Management Reflection Webinar Series : Adaptability and Leadership in Asset Management

Date : 16 September 2020 at 12 pm AEDT 


Join our 2020 webinar series highlighting new insights into Adaptability and Leadership in Asset Management! 

Each session in this 2020 series showcases presenters and panellists from prominent figures and professionals in Asset Management. Lead by Peter Kohler and Sally Nugent, the series introduces an Asset Management fundamental – Adaptability - and discusses the role and value of asset management Fundamentals, and how they help build the value and sustainability achieved from asset management.

The webinar series highlights work published in “Living Asset Management Maturity”, the authors of which are John Hardwick, Martin Kerr, Michael Killeen, Peter Kohler, João Lafraia and Sally Nugent.

Eight webinar sessions are being held for this 2020 series. Already presented are sessions on *Introducing Adaptability, *Adaptability, Continuous Improvement and Change Management, *The Value of Open Systems and *Five Asset Management Fundamentals to Enhance and Sustain Value.

Register for all remaining sessions, or for one of the four sessions below.

  • 16 Sep: What does a 5-Fundamental Asset Management System Look Like?
  • 14 Oct: Adaptability and Governance: Trust and Validate
  • 11 Nov: Designing Assets to be Adaptable
  • 09 Dec: Recap of the 2020 series on Adaptability and Leadership

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