Lessons Earned

Lessons Earned is about sharing stories to help us renew, recycle and re-emerge experiences in our lives. This is created by Sally Nugent, whose career spanning over four decades in initiating and building teams and organisations to deliver outcomes to key stakeholders.

In the Lessons Earned Webinar series, Sally Nugent provides some of her insights gleaned over a 40 years career in Engineering, Science and Management. As Sally says "My passion throughout my career has been to make a difference, and I learned so much from others that I wanted to share some of my learnings. Each of us is unique, and what I write and say may help you, or it may be relevant. In either case, I hope you enjoy the lessons earned series and find the perspectives thought provoking."

In each webinar, we welcome your feedback and thoughts on the ideas and experiences presented.

Our Lessons Earned opening webinar focus what skills people developed that contributed to their success.
To understand the value of these lessons earned, you need first to choose what success means to you, and how to measure it.

One of my passions in life has been and is “to make a difference”; it has dictated my career choices and negatively impacted my earnings. It has very positively impacted my satisfaction in life. The different drivers of ‘making a buck’ and ‘making a difference’ have also impacted my business. Innately, making a difference seems altruistic. Making a buck is a commercial outcome. Both are necessary for prospering in my life. So, in creating the Lessons Earned webinars series, the topic of ‘Altruism and Commercial Outcomes’ came up as a priority.